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Swoop is currently perched one of his several ledges around the cave. His few possession are safely hidden up above his brother’s heads. Should Sideswipe really decide to brave the night here, the Junior Medic’s shoved his tools into enough niches and cracks to make sufficient room for a nape safely above dino-rolling height. 

"Hi Bob! Hi Sideswipe!"

True to his name, the pterodactyl swoops down and transforms.

"Oh. That LOTS of blankets."

Lots of fire if they aren’t careful.

Slag is content to judge from a distance, laying on Grimlock’s stolen bunny and his own less-likely-but-not-unlikely-stolen triceratops dolly in the charred, craggy corner where he threw his tantrums and passed out afterward.

The bug was new. What the frag was that?

And wasn’t there something Sideswipe was bringing—



Don’t be too startled by the Triceratops lumbering up into your space, Sideswipe, nosing against the red frontliner’s side. “Him Swoop say You Sideswipe have snacks. You give Me Slag.”

"Who is Him, Bob?" Sludge asked having never met the bug before. He said something about snacks so Sludge nudged him with his nose curiously.

He wanted snacks, but Slag was on that. He would just try and figure out “What him Bob?”

Well that was a lot to happen at once. Sideswipe barely raised a hand in greeting towards Swoop before Slag was nudging (and we use this term loosely because, Ouchies) his side and Sludge was following suit bumping his big stegosaurus head up against his other side.

That little space nestled in the rocky wall Swoop made would probably be much appreciated later.

Sideswipe had been here less than thirty seconds and the threat of him  getting squished unpleasantly between two Dinobots was already a real threat.

Sideswipe managed to scoot back from between them, and got to digging through subspace for the snacks. “Right. Give me a second. The only question I have is what color do you want?”

Bob meanwhile took it upon himself to toss his armful of blankets, letting them scatter and fall wherever the landed. So he could at least see and address the questions aimed his way with much exuberance. “HELLO SHARP FRIEND. HELLO LONG FRIEND. IT IS A JOY TO MEET YOU BOTH. I AM BOB. I AM A BUG. WHAT ARE YOU BOTH?”

Him not appreciative bot. But Dinobots agreed, Us have sleepover!!

"Sounds good! We’ll be over in a bit." =)




#just punch Megatron in the fucking dick

So what exactly is the protocol after arriving at the Dinobot cave? Do you like…knock on a rock or something to them know you were there? Do you just waltz in all willy nilly and hope no one steps on you?


Or you could just let Bob go in first, the Goliath-sized buggy with arms full of blankets piled so high he couldn’t see. That worked too.

"….what he said!" Sideswipe chipper as could be followed in suit.

Slag touch Grimlock bunny :V

Sides: “The one you told me not to touch?…..want me start writing a eulogy?”

"Actually never mind. I don’t think he’d appreciate my efforts." =/

"Voodoo donuts? That sounds like what they would serve in my hometown New Orleans."

Sides: “You haven’t heard of them? They’re kind of a big deal in Portland. There’s always a really long line. I think they were featured on the Travel Channel or something once.”

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So after that surprise message, Sideswipe traipsed off in search of Prime hugs. He peaked into his leader's office. "Sir, you here?"



Optimus perked turning to greet Sideswipe happily, blue optics bright “Hi-“

Blue optics flickered red and he twitched gripping the edge of the desk, tensing as if in pain, optics shuttering as his frame trembled.  His red armour seemed to shimmer, darkening to a deep purple.

It must have only been a moment or two but his optics brightened, piercing Sideswipe with a sharp glare.

"It is Lord Prime” 

"I Will not be contained here” he snarled “When I get out of here..” he trailed off or his voice was lost as there was a loud crashing sound from inside the office.

It sounded like he threw the desk at the door.


Looks like Prowl wasn’t the only desk flipper.

So much for not breaking slag.

Hopefully Wheeljack would be understanding when the time came for furniture repairs. He usually was.

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