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Sides- "Swoop? Dumb question. How do Dinobots feel about sleepovers at your cave?"




Sleep overs?


Me Swoop not know

No one ever try!

"Wanna have one today?"


You sleep up with Me Swoop

Otherwise, Sludge roll over and smush You

"Sounds good with me! I’ll bring snacks. Enough snacks for everyone."

"I can do it. I have the pockets."

"….Also Bob can carry things."


Sideswipe had the vague feeling he should’ve been alarmed when his alternate dashed at him. The mech was an Autobot. You couldn’t trust Autobots.

And who knew, maybe it would one day come bite him, but he wasn’t alarmed. He didn’t even flinch.

Because on a level, he supposed he trusted the smaller mech. Even if he held no warm thoughts for his faction, he couldn’t deny he liked this particular alternate more than he should’ve. That he was comfortable, relaxed around him, something he didn’t seem much capable of around any other Autobot.

It was a difficult… Friendship he guessed it could be called. For the larger mech, it was constant juggling between his liking for the smaller mech, and his faction. A cause of helmache, sometimes. Like now.

Rationally thinking, he didn’t even want it. It complicated things too often. But he couldn’t help how he felt, and truthfully, Sideswipe had mostly given up on rationalizing himself out of it. Even if he knew it was inevitably going to hurt him.

And so, he didn’t even flight. The only part that even surprised him was the thanks. That he hadn’t been expecting. He wasn’t sure what to think of it. He had made an Autobot thankful.

He had made his friend thankful.

Sideswipe frowned, for once happy the expression couldn’t be seen, but nevertheless wrapped his arms around his alternate’s shoulders and hugged him back as he could. “You’re welcome,” he murmured quietly.

He might as well say it. Even if he wasn’t sure what to think about it.

Sideswipe didn’t usually hold grudges.

He didn’t dwell, or cling to bad thoughts, or fights, or all of the terrible, inky things. Or at least he tried not to. Sometimes he failed. More recently he had failed at such things more frequently because a lot of those dark uncertainties had been in regards to things he didn’t have much practice with. Like new love.

But more often than not, over all in the grand scheme of things, he did succeed. Like now for example. The anger and frustration he had felt moments ago was easily released. Because it looked like common ground had been met. He no longer felt his leader was in immediate danger. And the fact that the other compromised with him despite clear misgivings meant a great deal.

As did the fact that the hug was reciprocated.

So the smaller of the two clung. Then sniffled, scrubbed his arm over his face once, took a steadying invent (after giving himself emotional whiplash) and after a moment did pull away.  And when he looked up on his face there were bright optics and winning smile,replacing the mask of fear and rage that had been plastered there not minutes before.

It was easier for him. He didn’t grapple with the concept of friendship with this mech in the same way. Because for him his alternate was something else. He wasn’t part of Sideswipe’s war. And so Sideswipe had no reason to feel longstanding anger at him for the other had done nothing to him personally. Nothing irreversibly awful..

Not yet.

And maybe he was being naive in his own way but he didn’t think the other would.

They were friends after all right?

"Ha. Thanks." He scratched at the back of his helm sheepishly, trying to steer the conversation to more pleasant things. He couldn’t help it. It was just what he did in uncomfortable situations sometimes. "Sorry for yelling. I don’t like being mad. But, uh, enough about that. We should do something sometimes you know? Maybe nuetral ground?  A different world even. I like exploring."

Maybe he was being naive but he was a very live in the moment mech, and right now this moment had a tenuous peace.

Hopefully it would last.

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Sides- "Swoop? Dumb question. How do Dinobots feel about sleepovers at your cave?"


Sleep overs?


Me Swoop not know

No one ever try!

"Wanna have one today?"

Sunny sounds more than a little stressed as he almost yells into the line :::Bluestreak? Where are you?:::



There’s something of a long, hesitant pause across the line before Bluestreak offered meekly, :::I don’t… know… in the air.. somewhere.. I can’t see-! I - I heard Thundercracker…:::

:::Sunny…::: he only managed a meek whimper of the other’s name.

He was frightened, blind, numb - a large part of him had been cut off from the rest of the world and he didn’t know how to compensate and it was terrifying and Sunstreaker, his best friend, his beloved, was walking straight into the trap he’d kept quiet to avoid them walking into.

Dread was heavy in his spark, and he was sure he’d be getting mocked for the cleanser trickling from his shuttered optics. :::I love you… please be careful….:::

It felt so hopeless…

Sunstreaker wish he could promise the other he’d be okay.

That he’d get him back safe and sound. That they’d all be safe.

But he couldn’t because he didn’t know for sure.

The best he could do was try.

:::I will. I love you. Ping me if anything changes, or…or for whatever you need::

After that he stopped talking.

He had to focus on the next task after all. To help save Blue first he had to find him.

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::Hey. Just because I don't think I tell you it enough, I just wanted to say, I love you both, very much::

Awwww, hearing things like that from their leader out of the blue, especially while things were stressful, always warmed their sparks something fierce.

:::We love you too, Sir!::: Sideswipe answered back mood suddenly lifted some.

:::We…we do.::: Sunstreaker was a bit quieter but meant it just as much as his brother.


"I…" Can he? They? Could they?

He was a Prime. He was an enemy, by allegiance and because of more personal reasons.

Reasons for which Sideswipe would’ve loved and enjoyed to see the Autobot leader beheaded. Any version of him would do, but seeing this one go through it?

It would lift a very special burden from his spark.

And he would love that, to have one monster less in the world. Because Sideswipe was still afraid of the boogies under his bed. But he had also learned, he had forcibly been taught, that killing those monsters solved the problem. They didn’t exist once you killed them.

If they frightened him so much he didn’t have the courage to kill them, Sunstreaker did it for him.

He just couldn’t bear to live with them. Anything but that.

And yet that was exactly what his alternate was asking from him. Invoking his empathy.

Oh why couldn’t he be as hard as Sunstreaker. His twin was strong. He never cared about any feelings he hurt. He was a perfect Decepticon.


He couldn’t be as cold.

But speaking of his brother… “Sunny’d say if he left us alone, we’ll leave him alone.” Again he shrugged. “So I guess I’ll go with that.”

This Sideswipe would never understand that.

He’d never understand how someone so kind, so good, so caring and so brave, how a mech like Optimus Prime, could be so hated and feared. Over seemingly nothing. And if there was some deep, underlying reason it was not one he’d be capable of comprehending.

Especially since it was his leader that the other held a particular disgust for.

Yet the second the almost hesitant words left his alternate’s mouth, all the anger and worry dissipated in a sigh of relief. Visibly he seemed to unwind, tense cabling he hadn’t aware had been tense going lax.

And he couldn’t help it. He was an innately impulsive creature.

So the smaller one surged forward and hugged the other around his waist tightly. Best he could. Grievances temporarily waylaid.

His words came out hoarse. “Thank you.”

And the seeker may have though ill of that “softness” of his, but Sides didn’t see it that way. In fact he was nothing but strangely grateful.

Sunny sounds more than a little stressed as he almost yells into the line :::Bluestreak? Where are you?:::



There’s something of a long, hesitant pause across the line before Bluestreak offered meekly, :::I don’t… know… in the air.. somewhere.. I can’t see-! I - I heard Thundercracker…:::

:::No!::: The cry came out a little desperate, frightened. :::I’m not going to be bait for you to get hurt! I’m not going to be the reason you’re led into an ambush or shot down or buried in a canyon! That’s why I wasn’t calling you or Prowl or Optimus in the first place it’s got to be a trap and I can’t see or feel to know what it is-!:::

:::Blue,::: he tried sounding level but may have come off a little short. But he was stressed, and scared, and a plethora of other dark and ugly things tangling inside of him.

:::I know. I’m expecting it. We’ll be as ready as we can but I could never forgive myself for leaving you to them. You are worth every bit of risk, and I can’t guarantee we’ll all be unscathed. But given some of the slag I’ve survived before I’d like to think the odds are in our favor.:::

It was a battle for Sunstreaker not to let the strain bleed over the line.

:::I love you. I never want to ask more of you than you are comfortable giving, but please, please, right now let me be selfish. Just this once.:::

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…..You can join him….

"Don’t you even start you gear wrenched, rust ridden, sludge sucking, botch of nature!

"I have bones to pick with you too!" D<

I’m listening, though that doesn’t mean I particularly care.

There’s nothing coherent after that.

Just a gargled, ragey, frustrated sound.

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:::Oh Sunspot~ I seem to have picked up something of yours. His little wings are broken, and his optics seem to be on the fritz. I'll just take him back to my lab and see what I can do for that.:::



Sunny- :::…………….:::


:::…………….If you have done anything to him, or do anything to him, I will break your neck and watch you bleed.:::

:::From the battlefield, and obviously a poor job. I’m talking a little more personal. You’re mildly good at stealth, yes?:::

:::You’re kidding.:::

:::Stealth, is not my job. My job is ripping you slaggers apart limb from limb in whatever way wastes the least of my time. Which is what I’ll do if you hurt Blue:::

But….maybe mildly. He did have the discipline if it was required of him. Sideswipe to.

:::But what’s your stupid plan.::: he grumbled.

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That last part. The last sentence. That hits him, if nothing else.

Because he gets it. He understands it all too well. And as much as he hates himself for thinking so

He doesn’t want you to go through it.

But even if he wanted to, he can’t change his opinion. Not on Primes in general, especially not on this one.

Excuse him if he doesn’t exactly want to go into detail with the cold terror that grips his spark at the thought of that Optimus. He doesn’t want to think about it, and besides, there’s scarcely any sense to it.

All he knows is that it always takes him right down the road to panic.

So he doesn’t say anything. He just shrugs, arms crossed firmly over his cockpit and wings taut on his back.

And the smaller Sideswipe doesn’t here the inner turmoil or thoughts. He doesn’t feel that inexplicable fear.

He only hears silence and only sees the other shrug.

"I just…" he doesn’t know what else to say because they have two very different mindsets in regards to the same mech. In Prime he sees hope, safety, and something that kept him going. He sees Family.

The other, and he can’t rationalize why, sees a nightmare.

So he slumps and deflates. “You know. You know how terrifying being alone is. You know. Can’t you just… just avoid him? And not…not try to take him from me? From Us?”

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